Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stick Insects


Yesterday morning I went out onto the deck early.  I was collecting the washing as rain is forecast all week and I'm attempting to get all the laundry done (yadda yaddda yadda).  Perched on my mobile clothes line was a stick-insect, no ... two!  A mother (I presume ) with a baby catching a lift on her back. They did gril (gross) me out for a moment until I looked more closely and appreciated it.  I called to BB who came to wonder at them. We moved them onto a badminton racket head and after further inspection, transported them to a nearby tree, where the baby scurried off and mom, (missing a leg mind you), insect-shuffled along.  Stick insects are rarely seen around here, and only seem to end up on the deck after a particularly windy spell. Later in the morning BB and I were moving the car out of the garage (okay, I was reversing the car and BB was on my lap) when we saw another stick insect fly onto the trampoline, walk about a bit and then disappear again. The wings were a beautiful violet colour and I actually mistook it for a butterfly before it landed. I have since read that the females can glide but the males can fly, and that they are able to regenerate limbs.
Our afternoon drawing session involved stick insects, naturally.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday 24 Feruary, 2009

We had a lovely day. It started with swimming lesson, with Alex at Pizzey Park public pool, which started at 9am. BB was amazing ... she is teaching herself really.  Alex reckons she is 98% floating by herself ( using the holding by the head method ).  After the lesson we played a bit and miss insisted that I did not help as she ducked under the water and then reappeared all smiles and giggles. We had a quick shower and changed into clothes for smarties with Ms Lynda at 10:15 (just next door).

BB can hop on one foot and clap.  So Lynda asked her to stick out her tongue .... which she did. Apparently it's some kind of test - being able to do 3 things at once. Then Lynda joked and said 'Ok, the next thing is to sing as well', which BB proceded to do of course :)  Very funny. 
Anyway, the lovliest thing at gym today was BB helping the smaller ones to climb, and then sitting with Abbey ( just 2), commiserating while she had a cry about her teething molars.

After that we drove to Pacific Fair, just to go to Medicare, and on the way back to the car we passed a stall which sells shells.  BB had great fun looking, touching and comparing and came away with a $2 starfish, which we have added to the botanical/marine corner of the playroom. Miss fell asleep on the way home and I thought that I would have an hour or two to do something, but she woke up as we arrived home and refused to sleep.

We played with dough - which we made yesterday, drew a bit, played with the alphabet cards and then it was time to make dinner. It was chicken soup tonight - because I felt like it!  BB helped to wash the rice and barley. Then bathtime. And then dad was home. Dinner, reading and bed.